Recent Adjustment of SIL’s Product Suite

Dear SILians,

Upon a month’s successful running of the SIL suite on BSC, the bootstrap team has accumulated many valuable on-chain data. The initial pool configuration has a uniform distribution(weight 1000) of SIL tokens to each unamplified pool on the SIL platform(including HEDGE and YIELD). But with data, the SIL bootstrap team could improve the formation into a potentially better one.

Improvements on HEDGE farms:

  • The SIL’s yield rate will be adjusted to ½ from the original weight, which is 500 now for all of the pools in HEDGE Farm.

Improvements on YIELD farms:

  • USDT/USDC’s SIL’s yield rate will be adjusted to 1.5x(weight 1500) instead of ⅓x(weight 333)
  • CAKE/BNB’s SIL’s yield rate will be adjusted to 2x(weight 2000) instead of 1x(weight 1000)
  • ETH/USDC will be listed with 1x(weight 1000) SIL yield rate in no time without SIL emission(but with principal yield), SIL emission will start at Jul 27 10:00 AM UTC 2021

In the meanwhile, the team has redone the code that does the on-page calculation and the Yield Rate will be more accurate.

Thank you SILians, we welcome more of your valuable feedback on our dao forum, and don’t forget to participate in the discussion of Listing Proposals, SLP-1 is still on-going.

The SIL.FINANCE bootstrap team



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