SIL Important Update(2.1): SIL is launching Classic LP Farming on BSC!

SIL Finance
2 min readJan 24, 2022

Dear SILians,

We are pleased to announce that SIL Finance’s Classic Liquidity Farming on BSC will launch on Jan 25th 9:00AM UTC.

First Batch Launched pairs :
- Stablecoin farms: USDC-BUSD , USDT-USDC


LP Farming Features:

- All LP farming have Auto-Compound enabled (users get more LP)

- Users not only could stake pancake LP directly, but also could Compose/Zap LP on SIL platform for convenience.

- LP Farm has a different Fee structure, early users get more rewards (The deposit fee will be shared within the whole farm)

We know fees take away profits from your precious yields, hence, we charge the LEAST fees on BSC. The following sections provide a summary and a detailed explanation of the various fees associated with vaults.

About the Lp yield fee structure:

- Controller fee, 0.4%(BSC) on profits to controller

- Ecosystem Fee ($SIL buyback): 2.0%

- Revenue Fee (Revenue shared with $SIL Lounge): 0.5%

- Deposit Fee: 0.08% on initial capital
- Withdrawal Fee: 0.0%


Controller Fee

This fee is used to cover gas costs for SIL’s auto-compounding bot on-chain actions.

Ecosystem Fee

Used to buy back $SIL tokens.

Revenue Fee

Revenue shared with $SIL Lounge.

Deposit Fee

This fee serves as a mechanism to encourage early liquidity provisioners as well as to prevent front-running. The Deposit fee paid by the user is shared within the farm of all the users.

Withdrawal Fee


Enjoy your profit and bonus !

The SIL bootstrap team



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