SIL Polygon Important Update: SIL is going to launch lounge on Polygon!

SIL Finance
Dec 3, 2021

Dear SILians,

We are pleased to announce that SIL is going to launch lounge on Polygon!

We aggregate the LP yield returns into those Single-Token Farms, the final ROI will be more effective and concentrate by avoiding transaction frictions while executing Compound Interest triggers.

The New model will have the following updates of user experience:

  • The LP Compound(APY) of the YIELD mode will be redirected to the Lounge.
  • SILians can stake SIL to earn a high yield of matic&SIL in the Lounge.
  • The Lounge Bar will do Auto-Compound when SILians deposit/withdraw which produces APY.

Please don’t hesitate to give the team feedback, we are all ears.

The SIL bootstrap team



SIL Finance

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