SIL v2 Intuitive UI Launch on BSC

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2 min readNov 23, 2021

Dear SILians,

The SIL v2 Intuitive UI has been deployed on OEC(OkexChain) and has successfully been running for over a month, the team is ready to upgrade the BSC(Binance Smart Chain) branch to the up-to-date SIL v2 Intuitive UI.

The SIL v2 Intuitive UI offers:

Impermanent Loss data exposure

IL Data Exposure

Binary options for unstake operation

If there are Impermanent Loss on the side of unstaking token, users could potentially experience 2 conditions:

  1. There is no Impermanent Loss on this side
  2. There is Impermanent Loss on this side, and now users can choose between Novel model and Doctrine mode.

The Novel mode will try to mitigate Impermanent Loss by giving users country-party tokens for compensation, and with lesser real loss.

The Doctrine mode will try to mitigate Impermanent Loss by giving up country-party tokens by only seeking the unstaking token for compensation, and with more real loss.

Novel Mode
Doctrine Mode

Rollout schedule

  • The CAKE/BNB farm will be switched to SIL v2 Intuitive UI after Wed Nov 24 8:00 AM UTC 2021, which is a showcase for following rollouts.
  • Throughout 2–4 days(estimated) of successful running, the team will rollout SIL v2 Intuitive UI to all the remaining farms on BSC.

Thank you for bearing with us.

The SIL Bootstrap team



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