SIL v2 Intuitive UI Launch on BSC

Dear SILians,

The SIL v2 Intuitive UI has been deployed on OEC(OkexChain) and has successfully been running for over a month, the team is ready to upgrade the BSC(Binance Smart Chain) branch to the up-to-date SIL v2 Intuitive UI.

The SIL v2 Intuitive UI offers:

Impermanent Loss data exposure

IL Data Exposure

Binary options for unstake operation

If there are Impermanent Loss on the side of unstaking token, users could potentially experience 2 conditions:

  1. There is no Impermanent Loss on this side

The Novel mode will try to mitigate Impermanent Loss by giving users country-party tokens for compensation, and with lesser real loss.

The Doctrine mode will try to mitigate Impermanent Loss by giving up country-party tokens by only seeking the unstaking token for compensation, and with more real loss.

Novel Mode
Doctrine Mode

Rollout schedule

  • The CAKE/BNB farm will be switched to SIL v2 Intuitive UI after Wed Nov 24 8:00 AM UTC 2021, which is a showcase for following rollouts.

Thank you for bearing with us.

The SIL Bootstrap team

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